Check us out for all your skiining needs.
A growing desktop customization site and community. We cater to every sort of skinner and artist. If it's skinnable, there's a category to host your works, if not give us a shout and we set you up We're a pretty easy going bunch to hang out with. Hope to see you there soon. (written by essencay)

Skinartistry Workshop
Got a problem with a skin? Need to get some help with your newest creation? The Skinartistry Workshop is the place to do it. You can expect some honesty, though. There isn't going to be a bunch of "that looks great". Good or bad the comments are going to be real. We just want to try to help as many skinners as possible learn as much about skinning as they can and improve their skinning abilities. So, if you just need a tip on skinning, or want some experienced skinners to check out your skin and give some pointers or get you past that tight spot, come over to the Skinartistry Workshop. (reprint of news item written by pictoratus)

on Jul 24, 2004
Thanks guys.
A note to all new skinners. I urge you to check out the workshop. The people are extremely friendly and will help you with all the in's and outs of skinning. I wish there was a workshop like this when I first started out. Take advantage of the resources and tell them NT sent you. Everyone that joins gets a free can of talent.
on Jul 24, 2004
Freindly bunch,aint they?
on Jul 24, 2004
Yep we won't byte ya.
on Jul 24, 2004
I will!

Seriously though, I couldn't have finished my skins without these guys.

on Jul 24, 2004
Why don['t I get a promotion??? I have lots of posts! I wanna be called an Operative!