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Written by Old Sapphire
Published on March 7, 2005 By Skinartistry In OS Customization

Sunday Skin 'N Art Wrap-up

A weekly article to summarize what's goin on at Skinartistry, and what's hot.

Main Attraction

Reciprocity v1

Skin: Reciprocity
Type: Windowblind
Author: pictoratus

Reciprocity - try saying that one five times fast! It's not just a tongue-teaser - but also the newest Windowblind skin from long-time skinner pictoratus.
I love a skin with lots of flare, eye candy, tricks, flaming hoola-hoops, and all other what-have-you's - but sometimes, all of the do-hickeies and widgets can get to be somewhat irritating, redundant, and often are overdone. When I'm suffering from skin overload, I want something to calm my nerves a bit, and keep things simple, but not too simple. That's exactly what I find with Reciprocity. This skin is simple, sleek, and modern - and surprsingly easy on the eyes. The color does a lot of things for the skin: it adds some interest and flash, and really brings out many darker-schemed websites and highlights them well. Don't be turned off by the color - it's minty freshness is comfortable and unique.
It's difficult to decide whether to consider this minimal or not - the start menu is compact and simple, and the window buttons are kind and dainty, yet you still get that gently fattening feel as you would from a normal skin.
Whether you're looking to satisfy your favorite color fetish, try something new, keep it 'minimal', but not too minimal, or just want to wear something comfortable and sheik- Reciprocity should be the first choice on your list.

Other Parts

  • Wallpaper

  • Rainlendar

  • Toolabr Icons (for use w/o WB)

    "Cool Stuff" Highlights

    Skin: GwE101
    Website: none specified

    An attempt at something different that has been well carried through. The colors are different, and they combine and flow perfectly. It's something dark; something rugged. An attractive theme, to be sure.

    Skin: Abstract-XX
    3D Abstract Wallpaper

    How is it that such a seemingly simply designed abstract be so perfect and wonderful? The answers are render quality and textures. Toruses and spheres can be brought to life with heavily reflected material, and when a grueling two days of rendering is added into the mix: the product is art. With a hint of blue light, Abstract-XX sets an example for all Bryce abstract artists to embrace.

    Hot Stuff
    from all around the net

  •! -------------- Stealth OS by MikeB314

  • -------------- TWS_Sunburn by c-spector

  • -------------- FBlackMak by Butch123

  • -------------- mcEgl by zrco

    Worth Checking Out
    old & new stuff

    Elsdee_EZ by maddox4u Crystallisation by mackalexda black and gray by storm347
    ColdSteel_sys by maddox4u P160 4SMX by PluGGz Fusion by Valhalla

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    on Mar 08, 2005
    Great article, OS!
    on Mar 10, 2005
    You should listen to Pic. He reallly knows his stuff.